Welcome to Classy Fashion

Classy Fashion is a fast growing sourcing office in Bangladesh for apparel business, comprising with a team of skillful, innovative and qualified professionals who are committed to take challenges and capable of managing production management, quality control, merchandising, compliance, shipping, foreign trade banking etc. to ensure  buyer’s satisfaction to the fullest.

Classy Fashion is an organization of motivated, disciplined and qualified team members who determinedly try to serve clients and buyers. Our services touch every aspect of textile and garments manufacturing area.

Willingness to take challenges and see them through is our characteristic because we know that challenges are the steps that takes us high  and higher. When quality and trust are the standards of a Classy Fashion working philosophy, very few companies can match Classy Fashion.

Our heartfelt commitment to serve our clients and associates drives us ahead.

  • Deals with Ready-made garments only.
  • Valid License for exporting to work with foreign buyers.
  • Fine tuning with leading manufacturers which enables quality production and shipment within lead time.
  • Excellent relationship with bank.
  • Capable of supplying all kind of knit/woven products.

Classy Fashion’s social accountability is vital to the way we do business. We care about how products are manufactured, just as much as we care about the product itself. At Classy Fashion, we believe that doing one’s own business in socially responsible way is the best way to serve the society.